Initial Interview
Legal Requirements
Date & Time
Booklets, Certificates, Pamphlets & Cloths


You can use your own special words or chose from the wide selection I have on hand. A booklet of samples, which includes introductory paragraphs, vows, readings and complete ceremonies, can be borrowed to take home with you and you and your partner can choose the ceremony that suits you best.

A specially made booklet of your ceremony is given to you as a gift from me. Note: Extra booklets for family and guests can be ordered at a small fee.

You must have 2 witnesses, both over the age of 18 to witness your signatures.

Your wedding certificate can also have a customised background of your choice.

I will provide free of charge, a table & chair to place the Marriage Register & for the signing of the wedding certificate.
Cloths for the table can be co-ordinated with the colours of your bridal party and/or Bride.

If music is required, I can provide a CD player for a small fee to play the music of your choice or you can chose from a selection I have.

If more than 30 guests are attending, a P.A. system can be arranged for a small fee so your guests can hear your wedding ceremony.

Wedding rehearsals can also be arranged for a small fee if required.

The finalization of fees needs to be no later than the wedding day.

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